Thursday, October 30, 2008

-Sick People-

People are sick
They are sick, but they do not want to consult any doctor
And yet they blame the doctor for not helping them…
So sick, sick till they lost their mind…

People are sick,
They talk about Pride
They talk about Equality
They talk about Perfection

They have no pride
They do no show equality
They deliver no perfection

Pride is about your responsibility
Equality is about carrying out your responsibility
And Perfection, is the beauty of your work, your masterpiece.

Sick people,
They are so sick,
Yet they do not want to heal, they do not want any treatment
They rather rot,
And vanish along with this world

And that is what I call


-I'm sick of excuses.. I repeat, EXCUSES-
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Jci aka Kei said...

what happened??

kyox said... la~~some HUman~~

PrettyInPink said...

hahaha. I know what happened...
wish that "human" could read this..

kyox said...

ooh really?wakakakaaka