Monday, March 16, 2009

-Say You Love Me Say You Not-

You said you’ll seal
The scars that never heal.
You said you’ll hold on to
The love that we make believe into.
You said you’ll cry
And bleed to mourn the red sky.
But I've never heard you speak
Words that will put me into silence, deep.
So before the time ties our knot
Say you love me say you not.


-Something, at last- Best Blogger Tips


♥♥me ~ cik sara said...

say u love me say u not?
i love u teh..hahaha

kyox said...


- silencer - said...

i do smell a rat...

Anonymous said...

-i dunno why this super reminds me of jay's 最長的電影... has this sorta feel like u're at the marriage registry and u're asking one last time is that gal gonna marry u-

n da gal goes
*yesh, i will.. kakakakaka*
this is funny... XD

a short 1 from me

i live in that world of make believe
of love and lies that bear me scars
will you come heal my wounds or jus go far?

i no i no...
i *heart* u 2!


kyox said...

silencer: wat rat wor?

Anonymous: hey i noe who u are...why dun u just use ur name la haiyo....silly gal...hahaha..knot not necessarily mean marriage la...

Jci aka Kei said...
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Anonymous said...

kekekee.... saja wanna use that SSK name ar! n u din type my name out oso... kakakaka

how can u not recognise me la rite!! hahaha i'm so important to u!! sob sob.. (terharu)

so tying knot doenst mean getting married but getting together in some way but a messy and full of dilemma 1?

SSK (again) XD

kyox said...

hahaha...its about making decision...