Monday, April 27, 2009

-During Math Exam-

Haiku again, oh I'm so into haiku mood! Here sth crap during my math exam today~~

I looked left and right
See no bird at my sight
Random fire! Piang!!!!

P/S: see no bird@catch no bird in hokkien (chinese slang) mean i don't have a clue.lolz


-Exam over babe, into haiku mood!-
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-Kinky Love-

This is my first haiku! (Yes I'm sure it's haiku now, after whole night of discussion and lecture by Jci.haha) It's a bit erotic tough.

-Kinky Love-

Sweet candies and bar
Cocktail and red wine splashing
Intense warm blanket


-Thank you, for the lesson, and also everything else. XP-

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Sunday, April 26, 2009


Trying haiku again..hope it work OK i failed, its not a haiku...still i dont get the meaning of 5-7-5...

Girls cry with shimmering tears
If you're a wise man
Never ask them to stop.


-Cry baby cry-
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Friday, April 24, 2009


Been reading from the internet, and wanna give a try to this type of poem...Dunnoe what they called it, some called it reverse haiku...

Love suck
where should I put the "s"
Love sucks
my whole life
away like hungry bloodsucker
Love's suck
For my whole life
dimmed under love.


-Exams make me malasssssssssssssss-
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Wednesday, April 15, 2009

-It's just Cupid-

You know how I love
To carve our name on the tree trunk
And I declare eternity is our love
Love is what make us both drunk

You know how I love
To wait for you on every date
Looking at the flock of dove
Recalling our first sweet date

You know how I love to repeat myself
Saying how much I love you
If you’re the snow white I’m the dwarf
I love you more than prince charming does

I know I never fail to make you smile
With my words that bring you love
And you’ll blush, cherry pink
Don’t be stupid hon you always say

And I’ll gently hug you from behind
Like the first sun kisses the rose bud
Whispering my last love word
I’m not stupid dear; it’s just cupid.


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Friday, April 10, 2009

-Love's Matter-

This is what i said to PrettyInPink when she told me about having no doubt when accepting love...where she sees love as Haagen Dasz and you should grab it and eat it immediately.

You see love like a lake,
with it's beautiful reflection
which shimmers and luring you into it.
But when you jump into it,
and you just realized you can't handle love,
then you will drown,
and die with your love.

Just a little bit add on from me...

Love should be something like poisonous apple,
where you will have doubts before taking a bite..
Once you got a bite, indulge in it
till it kills you to the last bit.


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Tuesday, April 7, 2009

-Red Poison Apple-

You're the red poison apple
So red like a ruby sparkle.
Such affection, such sensation
Never could I deny such temptation.
Even though you are deadly
I want a bite so badly.
Maybe just a small bite?
then you may kiss me forever goodnight.
I know you'll poison me just nice
neither more or less.
Killing me softly, lovely
Whispering your last word "I love you, Honey."

-Nani sabar yer..sorry...- Best Blogger Tips

Thursday, April 2, 2009

-Buy Me-

I put on my best shirt.
I gel up my best hair.
Wrap myself with plastic.
Place myself inside my box.
Put on my price tag.
Dance on my advertisement.
Turn on my theme song.
Please spend your tears on me
Please spend your love on me.
Buy me.


-In before linguistic mode-

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