Tuesday, February 2, 2010

-A promise-

Under a tree a beautiful shade,
a love was born a promise was made.
The promise was to love and care
under the tree the world we share.
Forever not the blossom stay,
so do we for time we sway.
But as long as we both stay,
our heart our love they'll find their way.
So grow tall my tree, grow strong,
so will my love, our love, forever long.

-Save the trees, save the planet- Best Blogger Tips

-Because of you-

The sun rises; the birds sing,
the leaves fall, the autumn sings,
the river flow, drown into the sea,
and flying are the birds, and love sick-ed bees.
And the poet writes, and his lover smiles,
and the ship travels, for many thousand miles.
And all these
are not for you; but
because of you,
I rise, I sing and I fall.
Because of you,
I flow
along your smile
I drown
in your eyes
and I can fly
high up in the sky.
Because of you,
I write
pieces others cannot comprehend,
I smile
because I know you'll be holding my hand,
and I travel
to bring our heart close forever then.

Because of you.
Because of you.
Because of you.


-Refining this one, critique is appreciated.- Best Blogger Tips

-Abra Kadabra-

An ocean of
blood of woman and man;
A bottle of
great suffering and excruciating pain;
Ahhhh the most precious of all,
a drop of
true love tear.
Abra abra abra kadabra
the ultimate love potion.

-life is the only offering for love- Best Blogger Tips