Thursday, November 4, 2010

-A Confession From the Heart-

When I was,
I want to grow tall.
I want to have money.
I want to buy a lot of things.
Things that you both don't allow me to buy!
Chocolate! Snacks! Plenty of Coca-Cola!
I want all these in every meal!
I want all the comics books!
I want to party whole night,
and come back when its dawn!
I don't want to take the public bus!
I want to drive!
No I don't want to study,
I just want to sing,
and play basketball whole day long!
I want to leave home!
I want to explore new places,
see new things!
I want to have a room of my owns,
A messy wardrobe with untidy bed!
I want to choose when I want to bath,
when I want to sleep,
and what I want to do!
I want to grow tall, grow big, grow old
and enjoy all these freedom!

And now I am,
tall, big, and free
All I want is to see both of you

young again.

-Missing home-

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When I look at myself
the way I bit my finger
when waiting for traffic light;
the way I brushed my chin
when I'm bored of driving.
And I'm thinking,
hey Pa,
I'm becoming more and more like you. =)

-I miss you...-

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Tuesday, October 19, 2010


An empty room of chair and table,
only a picture lives to tell our fable.
For the sun may rise and set,
but we will forever treasure this sunset.


-One fucking busy week, and hell lot to come.- Best Blogger Tips

Saturday, October 9, 2010

-Our Love-

Just like Carousel,
so close, yet forever will
not be together.

Credit to Pei Cheen: 旋转木马是最残忍的游戏,彼此追逐却有永恒的距离.


- I need more money for my car (T.T)- Best Blogger Tips


Owh Angel of Beauty may I ask thee
Why don't thee let go of the sinking ship
for the ship had fell for the Medusa under the sea
forever not he will hear thy sing.

Owh Angel of Beauty may I ask thee
Why are thee afraid of letting go the sinking ship
For the sinking ship does not value thy beauty
but blinded he is with beauty of the sea.

Owh Angle of Beauty may I ask thee
Why are thee not coming back to me
For I will worship thy beauty
For my heart will be thy offering.

Owh Angle of Beauty I beg thee
Let go of the sinking ship
For he belong forever to the rotting sea
For thy beauty should belong to you and me.


-Sing my beauty,sing, and I will sing with you, I will.- Best Blogger Tips


If I'm a flower and you're a bug
then I wish I'm a flower that could hug
for I never want to let you go once you land on me
never wanting others to share you nor me
If I could not be the flower that could hug
then Venus the demon lord I shall be
snap you from the realm of reality
and let us rot together in land of immortality.


-Sometime you just gotta let go; or die holding on.- Best Blogger Tips

Wednesday, October 6, 2010


Owh why do you teach dear mister?
For I am a greedy man who lust for gems
and in a half full classroom
I found myself surrounded with
countless, priceless
raw gems.


-I got more holidays than you yo, so what yo?-
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Sunday, September 26, 2010


Let not the roses be my love,
beautiful tragic a common love.
Let not the moon be my love
out of reach forever dream
Let not the light be my love
beautiful pure for I'm not fit
Let not the wind, the sky nor the cloud
For they are beautiful yet unpredictable display
Let you, my lady be my love
For the beauties are you and you are
my beauty.


-Is this me?-

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Sunday, August 8, 2010

-I Can't Run From You-

When I close my eyes, and within the darkness
I see you, the only one that glow in my loneliness
And I pray that you would stay,
yet you would leave the moment I could say
how much I need to be by your side
how much I need to show you my love
how much I need to reassure you that
I can't run from you
I can't run from you,

-Currently listening to "I Run to You -Lady Antebellum" Best Blogger Tips

Thursday, August 5, 2010


Should the words fail me
That's my love for you.

-I want to be by your side all the time-

*5201314 in mandarin means "I love you, forever and ever"
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Tuesday, July 27, 2010

-Cold War-

A cold war, between
two frozen hearts, waiting to
see who will melt first.

-Missing you- Best Blogger Tips

Monday, July 5, 2010


For all eyes had seen your beauty,
only the blinds can see your tragedy
Alone in the black desert,
awaiting the winter to fall
Let my hands have you then
Ignite me,
ignore me,
Let me make you feel belonged
even for a single second.

-My ambition was to become an astronout.- Best Blogger Tips

Friday, June 25, 2010


Thank you my Love,
for walking me into all the endless joy and hapiness.
Thank you my Love,
for walking me out from all the sorow and sadness.
Thank you again, my Love,
for walking with me all along, rain or shine.
Thank you, my Love,
and I'll promise I'll walk with you,
hot or cold, rain or shines,
I'll walk with you till the end of time.

Happy 5th Aniversary My Love.


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Saturday, May 22, 2010

-we Love you Lecturers- Feat- RainMaker@Damnik

Will our tears fall tonight, or tomorrow?
Ever so afraid that the joy will turn to sorrow

Long live the Big Hearts that bleed
Own by one so mighty and majestic indeed
Very little the appreciation compared to the deed
Eternal legacy where none may compete and succeed.

Yielding precious gems from undisclosed rough stones
Ostentatious would not be right, for Your Holiness is far beyond
Understatement of the sacrifices, the passion of great souls.
(So now my friends)

Let no tears fall today, not tomorrow. But let the tears of yesterday
Echoes in serenity, a realm of full flavored memories
Choose wisely the words, walk slowly the talk
Thank deeply the Hearts, who bleed to save
Unite again our arms, around the Giant Hearts.
Reassure them, that we shall never forget
Embedded in memory, embellished as time passes.
Repeat the holy word (Thank You), again and again.
So long our love, so long. May our love live, forever long.

Written by Kyox_ and RainMaker
Edited by PrettyInPink and Petrifiedklutz


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Sunday, May 16, 2010

-Cheers revised by Dom-

to the moon of hugs and tears!
to the good that I've done, today and yesterday!
to the big hearts that have place for me,
to the brave hearts that got hurt defending me!
to the people around me, enemies and allies,
and drink to my eyes, and drown in my tears!
Under the fifteen moon we drank,
so may our eternal bond be blessed!


-Thx Dom~-

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Friday, April 2, 2010


to the moon of hugs and tears
to the good that I've done, today and yesterday
to the big hearts that have place for me
to the brave hearts that got hurt defending me
to the people around me, enemies and allies
and drink to my eyes, and drown in my tears
Under the fifteen moon we drank,
so may our eternal bond be blessed.



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Monday, March 29, 2010


The thing that I like about you
most is I could not find a single thing about you
that I do not like.


-Got a lot unfinished attempts, any1 wanna try to complete my pieces?- Best Blogger Tips

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

-A promise-

Under a tree a beautiful shade,
a love was born a promise was made.
The promise was to love and care
under the tree the world we share.
Forever not the blossom stay,
so do we for time we sway.
But as long as we both stay,
our heart our love they'll find their way.
So grow tall my tree, grow strong,
so will my love, our love, forever long.

-Save the trees, save the planet- Best Blogger Tips

-Because of you-

The sun rises; the birds sing,
the leaves fall, the autumn sings,
the river flow, drown into the sea,
and flying are the birds, and love sick-ed bees.
And the poet writes, and his lover smiles,
and the ship travels, for many thousand miles.
And all these
are not for you; but
because of you,
I rise, I sing and I fall.
Because of you,
I flow
along your smile
I drown
in your eyes
and I can fly
high up in the sky.
Because of you,
I write
pieces others cannot comprehend,
I smile
because I know you'll be holding my hand,
and I travel
to bring our heart close forever then.

Because of you.
Because of you.
Because of you.


-Refining this one, critique is appreciated.- Best Blogger Tips

-Abra Kadabra-

An ocean of
blood of woman and man;
A bottle of
great suffering and excruciating pain;
Ahhhh the most precious of all,
a drop of
true love tear.
Abra abra abra kadabra
the ultimate love potion.

-life is the only offering for love- Best Blogger Tips

Saturday, January 9, 2010

-Round and round-

Love is all around
and it's making me go round
and round and round
and round and round
and round
and now i even speak in circle!

-When creativity is dead and stupidity comes in- Best Blogger Tips

Friday, January 8, 2010

-Make love-

Since then, your words do not
make sense anymore; they make

-Crap is back crap is back- Best Blogger Tips