Tuesday, October 19, 2010


An empty room of chair and table,
only a picture lives to tell our fable.
For the sun may rise and set,
but we will forever treasure this sunset.


-One fucking busy week, and hell lot to come.- Best Blogger Tips

Saturday, October 9, 2010

-Our Love-

Just like Carousel,
so close, yet forever will
not be together.

Credit to Pei Cheen: 旋转木马是最残忍的游戏,彼此追逐却有永恒的距离.


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Owh Angel of Beauty may I ask thee
Why don't thee let go of the sinking ship
for the ship had fell for the Medusa under the sea
forever not he will hear thy sing.

Owh Angel of Beauty may I ask thee
Why are thee afraid of letting go the sinking ship
For the sinking ship does not value thy beauty
but blinded he is with beauty of the sea.

Owh Angle of Beauty may I ask thee
Why are thee not coming back to me
For I will worship thy beauty
For my heart will be thy offering.

Owh Angle of Beauty I beg thee
Let go of the sinking ship
For he belong forever to the rotting sea
For thy beauty should belong to you and me.


-Sing my beauty,sing, and I will sing with you, I will.- Best Blogger Tips


If I'm a flower and you're a bug
then I wish I'm a flower that could hug
for I never want to let you go once you land on me
never wanting others to share you nor me
If I could not be the flower that could hug
then Venus the demon lord I shall be
snap you from the realm of reality
and let us rot together in land of immortality.


-Sometime you just gotta let go; or die holding on.- Best Blogger Tips

Wednesday, October 6, 2010


Owh why do you teach dear mister?
For I am a greedy man who lust for gems
and in a half full classroom
I found myself surrounded with
countless, priceless
raw gems.


-I got more holidays than you yo, so what yo?-
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