Wednesday, October 29, 2008

-Pangkor Island-

Off to pangkor tomorrow~~
Been planning it for one whole month,
hope everything will turn out fine~~


-Thx Haiqal for the lovely banner-
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재미 ™ said...

so nice..outdoor education trip.. luck to u!

Esther Teoh said...

hey souvenirs from there..hehez =)

Jci aka Kei said...

u thanked the whole world but left some one!!! u no!! some 1!!!!*blink blink*


kyox said...

재미 ™ -thx ya

esteher- blek dun want give u~~

kci- ya la~~thx hell lot to my lovely junior, JCI!lolz

PrettyInPink said...

you should thank me too..for the "socrates-inspired" motto!!! heheh =)

kyox said...

wakakaka..yeah~~thx dear~~~