Saturday, May 22, 2010

-we Love you Lecturers- Feat- RainMaker@Damnik

Will our tears fall tonight, or tomorrow?
Ever so afraid that the joy will turn to sorrow

Long live the Big Hearts that bleed
Own by one so mighty and majestic indeed
Very little the appreciation compared to the deed
Eternal legacy where none may compete and succeed.

Yielding precious gems from undisclosed rough stones
Ostentatious would not be right, for Your Holiness is far beyond
Understatement of the sacrifices, the passion of great souls.
(So now my friends)

Let no tears fall today, not tomorrow. But let the tears of yesterday
Echoes in serenity, a realm of full flavored memories
Choose wisely the words, walk slowly the talk
Thank deeply the Hearts, who bleed to save
Unite again our arms, around the Giant Hearts.
Reassure them, that we shall never forget
Embedded in memory, embellished as time passes.
Repeat the holy word (Thank You), again and again.
So long our love, so long. May our love live, forever long.

Written by Kyox_ and RainMaker
Edited by PrettyInPink and Petrifiedklutz


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Sunday, May 16, 2010

-Cheers revised by Dom-

to the moon of hugs and tears!
to the good that I've done, today and yesterday!
to the big hearts that have place for me,
to the brave hearts that got hurt defending me!
to the people around me, enemies and allies,
and drink to my eyes, and drown in my tears!
Under the fifteen moon we drank,
so may our eternal bond be blessed!


-Thx Dom~-

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