Saturday, October 18, 2008

-If I die-

If I die,
how many will come to my funeral?

If I die,
how many will shed their tears for me?

If I die,
how many will be missing me?

If I die,
how the world would change?

If I die,
how many will forget me? Or should I say, how soon?

Am I just clay, back to the nature?
or am I just a memory that is not permanent?

How can I make myself immortal?

I wanna see all this,
but if I die,
how am I suppose to see all these?

-I will remember you-
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- silencer - said...

dun worry..
if u do....
i will definitely b d 1...
touch wood~!!!
pei pei pei~!!!

kyox said... come ur blog still empty de?

Jci aka Kei said...

if u die
those u treasure the most will come treasure u back

if u die
i'll be one of those weeping in a corner

if u die
i'll probably miss u for a while? jus to satisfy ur soul? =P

if u die
the world still rotates the same

if u die
u'll still be in some where in my mind though hidden

if u die
u'll just rot like any other being while the other's dat are still alive will wait for their turn

u'll be immortal when shakespeare sprang out of his coffin n wrote about u

who noes u might jus be reborn n get to see all this without knowing wat really happened.

how morbid............

yu wen said...

this poem u write by urself?
wat happen to u o?so negative de?u no like tat last time de wo...

kyox said...

it's not negative la~~it's called curiosity~~lolz

Rachel said...

if u die, i will never forget to burn "$$" to u..

kyox said...

choi choi!lolz

Rachel said...

i mean.. after 80yrs.
gan gan hao 100 yrs old~

kyox said...

hahahaha...ok ok~~thats good~~wakakaka