Friday, February 27, 2009

-Empty Canvas-

Where kite lingers in the sky above,
and the child below running free
hoping the kite will set him off
to the Neverland where children are free

Where I saw girls playing with their dolls
practicing to be the housewives of the future
and I see boys fighting off with trolls,
ending the fight with their heroic postures.

And I try to recall the pieces in me
where my mother used to hug me around
I can see I'm running wild
and nothing more than that in me

Where others' childhood is albums full of colourful pictures;
Mine is an empty canvas where I try to sketch and make colours into.


-Missing my childhood-
-Dear pa and ma, I'm not saying tat my childhood is bored and colourless. I'm just saying that I couldn't remember much about my childhood, things that i did, friends that i played with, places that went to. My childhood is full of life, full of your love, as the tiny bits that I could remember are the ones that both of you showered me with your love. I love, both of you.

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Tuesday, February 24, 2009

-You trapped me inside the hurricane of you and me-

You're just like a hurricane
Shield me with armor of wind
not too hot not too cold
Love me in the core of your soul
Calm me from the chaos of the world
You trapped me,
inside the hurricane of you and me.


-Just you and me-

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Friday, February 20, 2009

-I'm Delusive-

The water is getting clear now
and you almost can see the bottom
And now everything it's about you
Do you dare to stick your hand into the bottom?
and grab the truth out of it?
Fear not,
I'm just a tree, by the river bank.


-I'm a illusionist-
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Saturday, February 14, 2009

-Heppy Valentine's Day-

I'm amazed how
life brought you to me
I want you to know
Since then you're special to me


Sunrise or Sunset
Both doesn't matter
What matters is
We're watching it together


Roses or not
Presents or not
Chocolates or not
You love me not?


I want to steal the cupid's arrow
Carve your name on the arrow's head
Stab it hard into my heart
Make your love an eternal curse.

Valentine, valentine, valentine
A time where the blood mood shine
Lure the cupid from everyone heart
Every corner of the twisted heart
Nothing but Cupid wandering free
Till the death of the blood moon shine
I love you more we will shine
Nothing can stop you and me
Eternity till it will be.


-Heppy Valentine-

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Friday, February 13, 2009


Some simple monster masks made by our own for P&D..lolz..




Wawa and Anuar





-LadyInPink, we had fun! Chill!-
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Tuesday, February 10, 2009

-Leaving Soul-

When raindrop pauses;
When gust bring no warmth;
Even the trees bow down;
All hail the leaving soul.

When the stars switched off;
When the moon not smiling;
Even the sun went slumber;
All hail the leaving soul.

When the crowd stop moving;
and you move in light speed.
Even the Earth stood still;
All hail the leaving soul.

When your world goes dark;
and your mind goes blank.
When you're deaf and dumb;
and words failed you.
When happiness is a queer;
When memories rushing out;
When the world failed you;
and you think that God is not fair.
Even the dog dragged it's tail away;
When they broke the news to you.

All hail the leaving soul.


-Condolence to Mr. John and family. May God bless his wife.-

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Draw the bloody pentagram
Light the bloody candles
Offer the bloody heart
and recite the bloody mantra
Cherish the bloody blood
Praised the bloody Satan
Let Lucifer take your bloody soul
Free her from the bloody hell
and she's the bloody woman,
you'd bloody die for.


-I'm not a bloody fool-
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Tuesday, February 3, 2009


Your smile
simply devine
Melting everything

Seeing you smiling
back at the culprit
Set heart ablaze

Eternal flame.


-Hot weather-

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