Sunday, October 19, 2008

-Re: If I die-

A very good reply from Hvey Jci..lolz...
but very pedas tough!Ouuch!lolz...

"if u die
those u treasure the most will come treasure u back

if u die
i'll be one of those weeping in a corner

if u die
i'll probably miss u for a while? jus to satisfy ur soul? =P

if u die
the world still rotates the same

if u die
u'll still be in some where in my mind though hidden

if u die
u'll just rot like any other being while the other's dat are still alive will wait for their turn

u'll be immortal when shakespeare sprang out of his coffin n wrote about u

who noes u might jus be reborn n get to see all this without knowing wat really happened.

how morbid............"

Hvey Jci

-Thx for reading-
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yu wen said...

thanz for the compliment ya..i now take japanese as my minor..that why i can write japanese lo..but juz a bit much...need to learn more.

yu wen said...

that is no curiosity la
that is caring la
that is what a friend should have

kyox said...