Saturday, February 14, 2009

-Heppy Valentine's Day-

I'm amazed how
life brought you to me
I want you to know
Since then you're special to me


Sunrise or Sunset
Both doesn't matter
What matters is
We're watching it together


Roses or not
Presents or not
Chocolates or not
You love me not?


I want to steal the cupid's arrow
Carve your name on the arrow's head
Stab it hard into my heart
Make your love an eternal curse.

Valentine, valentine, valentine
A time where the blood mood shine
Lure the cupid from everyone heart
Every corner of the twisted heart
Nothing but Cupid wandering free
Till the death of the blood moon shine
I love you more we will shine
Nothing can stop you and me
Eternity till it will be.


-Heppy Valentine-

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