Thursday, November 4, 2010

-A Confession From the Heart-

When I was,
I want to grow tall.
I want to have money.
I want to buy a lot of things.
Things that you both don't allow me to buy!
Chocolate! Snacks! Plenty of Coca-Cola!
I want all these in every meal!
I want all the comics books!
I want to party whole night,
and come back when its dawn!
I don't want to take the public bus!
I want to drive!
No I don't want to study,
I just want to sing,
and play basketball whole day long!
I want to leave home!
I want to explore new places,
see new things!
I want to have a room of my owns,
A messy wardrobe with untidy bed!
I want to choose when I want to bath,
when I want to sleep,
and what I want to do!
I want to grow tall, grow big, grow old
and enjoy all these freedom!

And now I am,
tall, big, and free
All I want is to see both of you

young again.

-Missing home-

Best Blogger Tips


When I look at myself
the way I bit my finger
when waiting for traffic light;
the way I brushed my chin
when I'm bored of driving.
And I'm thinking,
hey Pa,
I'm becoming more and more like you. =)

-I miss you...-

Best Blogger Tips