Monday, March 23, 2009

-I'll Write My Words-

This is a REPLY to Siti Sarah's "My Wish"

Say I love you;
Say forever I'll have you,
Will you believe in the words,
that creep around our delusional mind?
If you believe,
I'll never stop writing our love
If you believe,
I'll write your wishes come true
Keep on believing in my words,
I'll write your love I'll write your wishes come true.


-Your wish is my command- Best Blogger Tips


my name is KARL said...

if my wish?


kyox said...

wat do u mean?

♥♥me ~ cik sara said...

karl?? dats vague laa...hahaha..hambarrr~~

kyox..toce2..besh2..worth d wait u noe~~ ngatkn u da lupa...lgipn my poem tu cam susah nk reply kn.. u mmg shakyoxpere laaa..wakaka

Anonymous said...

hahahahaha..she's very appreaciative =)

kyox said...

cik sara: apa kena ngan hambar tu? haha thx for the name~

anonymous: erm..who are u?

LoveIsPurple said...

what a heartbreaking poem..
luvv it so much~~
wish someone can write me love poem as good as u, kyox~~
huhuhu (sad ;( )

kyox said...

hahahaha..what la~~u will find one~~~