Thursday, October 16, 2008

-One morning in SK Bukit Jalil-

Went to SK Bukit Jalil this morning and conducted
a story telling workshop~~
So here are the pics~~

with mah sword!

With Emma, thanx for everything~~


In teaching mode (pretending to??)~~

With the students~~can ya see me?

The story tellers~~take one~~

The story tellers~~take two~~

P/s: To Ah boon, Anukman and Emma, thanx for everything~~
love ya all~~~


-Kids are very NOISY! lolz...-
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daydreamer said...

kid is good 2 cubit..bully..

Jci aka Kei said...

oh.... so tat's emma.... madam ros said one of my class mate sounds like her...

da group pic with the student.... hehehe... u n maher, sara, woo all on the left side but boon on da far right.. kesian

kyox said...

ermmm...anything wrong with tat? wat so kesian about it?

PrettyInPink said...

waaaaa kyox! I'm so touched!! My pictures finally made their way to your blog!!!! Is this "hari ini dalam sejarah" or what?
don't mention gave a really great idea and we all just worked around it. Credits to you still!!! thanx to you too =)

kyox said...

haha..dun worry there will be more of ur pics here~~haha...thx for the compliment~~XP