Tuesday, November 11, 2008

-Turn the World Upside Down-

When the world upset you
When the world backstabbed you
When the world turned against you
Lend me your hand
let ME turn the world upside down

Clear the corruption
Clear the backstabbers
Clear all the bullshit
Clear whateva shit on this planet
Come on let ME turn the world upside down

Are you terrified?
Are you uncertain?
I’m the Satan; I’m the Savior
Choose your path; Clear your doubt
Come on lets defy gravity
and let ME turn the world upside down.


-Yeah rebellious I am-
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Sunday, November 9, 2008

-Good Luck-

Well, tomorrow is final exam for sem 1.
GOod luck to all the TESLianz out there.


-I dont need luck! XP I need chocolate!-

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Thursday, November 6, 2008

-Write me a Sonnet-

Hey Shakespeare,
write me a sonnet
Meanwhile let me play the clarinet
Giving u some inspiration
Write me some aspiration
A sonnet
A sonnet for me
and my love

Write me you masterpiece
Show me your magic
Say your magic word
Give me your magic touch
And grant me and my love

Hey Shakespeare,
write me a sonnet
So that my love will live long
As long as there are people reading the sonnet
The sonnet about me and my love


-Write me a sonnet will ya?-
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Monday, November 3, 2008

-Back from Pangkor (2)-

l like this one. sunset.


Mr Chairman giving his speech

En Moktar

Mdm Nurhalini

En Ikmal

En Jalal

On the top of lorry



abseiling life guard

The Pirates with En Jalal and Boy

Somebody got me

Fiza and Ryn

MC for the last briefing

Candid 1

Candid 2



-Missing the days-
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-Back from Pangkor-

Came back from Pangkor Island. The trip was kinda successful, nothing mess up, except for the 1st day thx to the stupid bus. But after that, everything went according to plan (i suppose)...Some1 assure me that the kitchen will be a mess, but then the kitchen did not mess up!wakakaka..lolz..get to see wild boar in the night.lolz..so, here are few pics.

Group 1- The Pirates
before Abseiling
Take 1

Group 1- The Pirates
before Abseiling
Take 2

Almost fall from the clift.lolz

Manage to get back on track.

En Jalal

After snorkeling


-Job done, I'm resting-

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