Friday, April 24, 2009


Been reading from the internet, and wanna give a try to this type of poem...Dunnoe what they called it, some called it reverse haiku...

Love suck
where should I put the "s"
Love sucks
my whole life
away like hungry bloodsucker
Love's suck
For my whole life
dimmed under love.


-Exams make me malasssssssssssssss-
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FeLiciap7 said...

ooo... Not bad... cleverly written with double meanings~

kyox said...

waaa so fast got comment~~hahahah..tq tq~~

I'm just a girl who can't really feel the love said...

I told u so.... dun be too passionate towards love.
Love = Suck
Love = Fuck

kyox said...

hahaha~~~ok ok~~

Anonymous said...

love = fuck
fuck = luxury

u jus dunno how to enjoy luxury
so stop spreading ur misery