Tuesday, April 7, 2009

-Red Poison Apple-

You're the red poison apple
So red like a ruby sparkle.
Such affection, such sensation
Never could I deny such temptation.
Even though you are deadly
I want a bite so badly.
Maybe just a small bite?
then you may kiss me forever goodnight.
I know you'll poison me just nice
neither more or less.
Killing me softly, lovely
Whispering your last word "I love you, Honey."

-Nani sabar yer..sorry...- Best Blogger Tips


♥♥me ~ cik sara said...

i have a red poison apple that i badly want a bite too..~~ huuu

kyox said...

har? nak ngurat laki mana nie?

PrettyInPink said...

hi kyox. I'm finally here, ready to dish out my comments after quite some time...good thing i was listening to the lecture on pragmatics or i'd fail to decode your oh-so-pragmatic message. heheh.red poison apple??i've never really seen someone i like as a red, poisonous apple..more like a cup of haagen dazs i have to scoop up!you are so scary laaa kyox..can't you compare your beloved to something..err, milder..like a summer's day, a choki choki, a photo frame, a kitchen cabinet, anything that is non-poisonous?? kyox, please stop reading snow white =)

LoveIsPurple said...

me too sara..erm..teh, (confused) why der is my name at the end...?not sure..

PrettyInPink said...

ok...nampaknye semua org dah kena penangan red poison apple kyox...kyox, what have you done to cik sara and cik nani?? u made them sad..and lovestruck! =)

kyox said...

haha..thx for dropping by emma..hehehe...hahaha...coz poison apple mean that u want it so much but u dun dare to...hahaa...i will stop, if u stop amdiring edward cullen...hehe..no i didnt make them eat the apple! lolz...they eat it themself...maybe apple busuk dari pasar malam kot...hehehe

kyox said...

nani: becoz i havent write a reply for u~~