Wednesday, April 15, 2009

-It's just Cupid-

You know how I love
To carve our name on the tree trunk
And I declare eternity is our love
Love is what make us both drunk

You know how I love
To wait for you on every date
Looking at the flock of dove
Recalling our first sweet date

You know how I love to repeat myself
Saying how much I love you
If you’re the snow white I’m the dwarf
I love you more than prince charming does

I know I never fail to make you smile
With my words that bring you love
And you’ll blush, cherry pink
Don’t be stupid hon you always say

And I’ll gently hug you from behind
Like the first sun kisses the rose bud
Whispering my last love word
I’m not stupid dear; it’s just cupid.


-Cupid is Dead- Best Blogger Tips


LoveIsPurple said...

teh, Cupid tuh sexy amaaaaaattttttttt~~!!hahahahhah

kyox said...

haha..mana ada...

Anonymous said...

when cupid dies
love vanishes to thin air and never comes back

when cupid dies
you, my dear will die along too
cuz love means everything to u and when everything leaves u, u are left with nothing

when cupid dies
i'll make him come alive
so u wont follow cupid along n die

FeLiciap7 said...

sweet attempt~ thumbs up

Rachel said...

oh golden cupid! looks nice..
if the cupid dies, we still got chinese old moon man..(月老)

kyox said...

if i died along with cupid,
don't you want to resurrect me?
blow me a new memory
where you're the queen

living in your world
of cupid without wings
where you're the cupid's queen
stab me your eternal curse

don't you want that?lolz

kyox said...

hehe..thx~~thx for stopping by felicia~~

haha...yue lao? too old liao lo~~lolz

Anonymous said...

being the queen has no guarantees
u'll be as happy s u wan to be
resurrecting u doenst bring YOU back to me,
for when cupid dies,
he takes your love n leaves u empty
if i cant get cupid alive, neither can thee be

cupid without wings aint a curse but a sad fantasy
of him breaking away and being free
so why wud i be selfish to stab you the curse when i'm alright with reality


I'm just a girl who can't really feel the love said...

I duno how U love...
To carve the names on the tree trunk?
And U declare eternity is your love?
It's a stupid way to confess love!!

I duno how U love...
To wait for her on every date?
Looking at the flock of dove?
U would be blessed by the dove shit!

I duno how u love to repeat yourself...
Saying how much U love her?
If she's Snow White U're the dwarf?
She'll always look down on U.
(Coz u are short!!)

I duno U nver fail 2 make her smile
With your words that bring her love?
And she'll blush, cherry pink?
R U sure u can do this all de time?

Can U promise her tat U wont leave?
Can U promise her tat U wont change?
Can U promise her tat U wont lie?
Can U promise her tat U will love her forever??

No No No...
Love isn't eternal
Love isn't sweet
Love isn't bitter either
What is Love actually?
Love is indefinite...

~ Love has no awareness of merit or demerit; it has no scale... Love loves; this is its nature.~

Jci aka Kei said...

what brings the girl who cant feel any love to sucha state of deep mockery?

i'm curious to know. mind intro? :P

kyox said...

wow..impressive!u got me! deep and hard! wakakakakakakaka...can i know who u are? thx for leaving a comment~

hewhew said...

Each of us is angel with only one wing. And we can only fly while embracing each other. Give this to u and cici....

adah uchida said...

wow..sgt la shakespeare c5..hehehe..