Friday, April 10, 2009

-Love's Matter-

This is what i said to PrettyInPink when she told me about having no doubt when accepting love...where she sees love as Haagen Dasz and you should grab it and eat it immediately.

You see love like a lake,
with it's beautiful reflection
which shimmers and luring you into it.
But when you jump into it,
and you just realized you can't handle love,
then you will drown,
and die with your love.

Just a little bit add on from me...

Love should be something like poisonous apple,
where you will have doubts before taking a bite..
Once you got a bite, indulge in it
till it kills you to the last bit.


-Going back to where Love is- Best Blogger Tips


PrettyInPink said...

kyox...or should i call you DR LOVE??? Ok2. I get your philosophy of love. Yeah, the caution should be there before you jump into the stupid lake. First you need to know if you can swim. If you can't, grab a life jacket. Or if you know right from the beginning that you can't swim, don't go jump into that lake, you silly! No one told you to do so anyway =) but then if love is like the beautiful reflection of the pristine, crystalline lake where those who can't swim will drown in...then kyox duh-ling, it is now back to.."love is like picking up the roses. if you wanna pick up that rose, expect your hand to bleed." jump into that lake and expect yourself to drown =)

kyox said...

well make people lost their sense of judgment~~who want to jump into that stupid cold lake anyway~~lolz

Anonymous said...

slow but relentless
it bubbles in your soul
gets u highly elated
feeling that u're hitched

AND den

it flungs its back to u
heartlessly freezing cold
u're nothing but dejected
that's when u no, love's a bitch

Anonymous said...

being anonymous is fun xD

kyox said...

hahaha..this time too deep...i cant get what u trying to anonymous is not fun!wakkakak

Jci aka Kei said...

love comes slow but doesnt stop makes u high and get u floating so high up and den..... let go of u making u dropping free fall without anything to be breaking ur fall on the ground.

love is a mean thing

kyox said...

aik?? no more anonymous?!

Jci aka Kei said...

cuz later u dunno who's anonymous :P