Sunday, September 28, 2008

-A Drama-

“Hey look! Up there! “Wwhat?! Who is that” “Hey you!”
“Hey are you stupid!” “What the F**K are you doing there?!
“Jump Jump Jump” “Jump!!” “Argggggghhhhhhh!”
“Owhhhhhhhh somebody called the police!” “F**k someone call the police!”
“Hey look that that man, what is he trying to do!” “Who cares.”
“Come on honey lets go, that nothing here to see” “But mummy I wanna see
spider man jump” “JUMP JUMP JUMP” “No honey that is not spider man”


“The getleman up there, can you please calm down.” “Hey is that guy stupid or wat!”
“Rescue will be here in a moment” “Please do not attempt any movement”
“Yo if you really wanna jump then jump!” “OMG where is the fire fighter?”
“This is XXX reporting live here in Downtown” “Hey dude dun move!”
“An unknown man is standing at the roof of the Downtown Hall”

“Shhhhhhhhhhhh” “QUIET! I’m trying to THINK!”

“Gentleman, can you hear me?” "Please come down and let’s talk about it”
“The man is carrying some sort of poster with him… Hey camera try to zoom in and let us see.” “OMG the poster is nailed to his hand and body, just like..”


“OMG” “Argggggggggggg” “F**K! F**K!”
“WTF!!” “JESUS CHRIST” “OH God bless us!” “OMG the man had just….hha…had just…I’m speechless…sor.sorry” “Camera don’t focus on the bo…” “OMG someone CALL the Ambulance!” “ARGGGGGGHHH”
“The man has just been indentified as XXX, from 13th Street, Downtown” “Before I finish, this is what the poster says” “STEp aside! Give way for the MEDIC!” “MOVE” “CHECK THE PULSE CHECK THE PULSE”


"Is he dead yet?" "Hell yeah!" “We are terribly sorry for the explicit..err…footage... This is XXX, lived from downtown” "Damn, so much for my day!"


-i'm still breathing-
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