Monday, September 22, 2008

28th July 2007- I am ProfessionaL_

" Malaysian claimed that teachers in Malaysia are not professional. No! In fact, teachers are professional. Why? Because we do not deal with paper works, because we do not deal with machines, we deal with people, HUMAN BEING. And thats made us, teachers professional."

This is what my lecturer said yesterday, and this small sentence touched my inner self. Yes, I will become professional. I'm a be.lolz.


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PrettyInPink said...

dear, whether teaching is professional or not is debatable these days. Put that aside, one thing for sure it is no longer ennobled. Those days, parents told their kids to study hard so that they would become a teacher. These days, parents tell their kids to study hard so that they WILL NOT become a teacher...

kyox said...

lolz...yup i agree with you~~~but i wrote tat as a type of self movtivation! XP