Monday, September 22, 2008

13th February 2008-Be+my_Valentine?-

there will be,
no 99 red roses,
no gifts, no big teddy bear,
no sweet chocolate,
no ticket for two to the cinema,
no date, no romantic walk along the park or beach,
no diamond rind, nor silver ring...
no romantic candle light dinner in a luxurious restaurant,
maybe just a sweet smile for someone sweet like you,
maybe a small valentine card saying i love you,
maybe one small Cadbury chocolate to sweeten up your Valentine,
maybe one small plastic rose to symbolize my love for you,
maybe a hug, or a kiss on the cheek saying happy valentine,
one question,
one sincere question,
be my valentine, anyone???


-love? wat is tat? can eat de ah?lolz-

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PrettyInPink said...

so this is the romantic side of you eh? heheh

kyox said...

lolz..wat say you?