Friday, March 27, 2009

-In a State of Weak Mind-

I’m upset with the weakness of our mind
Too weak, easily deceived and manipulated around
Just like the flies rather fly towards the fire
And burn their wicked body to ashes
Just because they believe that that is Ra
Providing them an eternal tavern
Ignoring the state that they are burned to death
Would worthy cost to the price of heaven
Not even Vayu can change their determination
Not even the Lord can come into their salvation
Our mind thinks like how our eyes see it
The world is upside down before the brain analyzes it.
A world of a weak mind where the mind praises the demons,
and slaughter the angels.


-Ignore me-

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Jci aka Kei said...

there's something u wanna tell me?
u no i wun ignore u...

kyox said...

hahahahah..dun noe~~