Friday, February 27, 2009

-Empty Canvas-

Where kite lingers in the sky above,
and the child below running free
hoping the kite will set him off
to the Neverland where children are free

Where I saw girls playing with their dolls
practicing to be the housewives of the future
and I see boys fighting off with trolls,
ending the fight with their heroic postures.

And I try to recall the pieces in me
where my mother used to hug me around
I can see I'm running wild
and nothing more than that in me

Where others' childhood is albums full of colourful pictures;
Mine is an empty canvas where I try to sketch and make colours into.


-Missing my childhood-
-Dear pa and ma, I'm not saying tat my childhood is bored and colourless. I'm just saying that I couldn't remember much about my childhood, things that i did, friends that i played with, places that went to. My childhood is full of life, full of your love, as the tiny bits that I could remember are the ones that both of you showered me with your love. I love, both of you.

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my name is KARL said...

i'd like to change 'kite' to 'wau'

♥♥me ~ cik sara said... too kyox~~
sokkay new colourful one wud sometimes be better than old worn out

kyox said...

karl: wat la u...

sara: but i want the old ones...

- silencer - said...

kia..go play "mo tie"...lolx..
things are always beautiful when we were still tiny...

adah uchida said...

miz my childhood t00..=( miz it so much..until i feel empty inside..(sorakan emo)hehe..

kyox said...

silencer: kia! hehehe..i prefer jing cha zhuo zei~~~wakakakakak

adah: heheheh..nie mesti sebab takut tua~~

Jci aka Kei said...

an empty canvas signifies nothing near to blankness,
its jus yet to be dipped into the beautiful hues of life,
soon to be flaring with wonders and covered with spots gloom,
of this world that we grew up and thrive

the bloody missing puzzles have always been under our nose,
the blind spot of the eye jus refuse to recognise it,
claim as we may that we've thrown away those,
vivid are the memories, hidden are the nightmares

we are after all the living rainbow of our childhood

kyox said...

you blown my mind~~~bravo~

Jci aka Kei said...

hahahaha u're the stimulus, tat's da stimulation :P

kyox said...

ooh change of reaction huh?

Jci aka Kei said...

wat change of reaction?? :P

kyox said...

i mean chain...type silap..