Tuesday, January 6, 2009

-You're the Master-

Of all the thing that I have seen
You are the fairest of all beings
For the men who die for the heart of yours
I survived to treasure yours
Of all the glory in the world
None shall compare to our world
Living under the iron curtain of love
Blessed with all the magic love can gives
No interruption no invasion
Just you as the master
And I’m the lover.


-Thinking of you- Best Blogger Tips


Jci aka Kei said...

does your gal follow ur blog???

kyox said...


LoveIsPurple said...

romantik siot...!!

kyox said...

ye la tu~~lolz

Jci aka Kei said...

i have a weird feeling bout tat artwork of urs tho... hahaha.. +.+''''''''

but i super love that pic!

jen said...

i like the way you write your own line.

my name is KARL said...

after a few of song & poetry classes.


we have produced our own ROBERT FROST... haha (tp robert frost byk psl nature kan)

kyox said...


Damnik said...

nak demam baca ni pkul 2 pag.. hahahaha

adah uchida said...

cool..nice la all d 'masterpieces'..hehe..=p

kyox said...

dom: nak demam makanla panadol...

adah: erm..thx?lolz..